Displaying plates on your wall is a time-honoured tradition of home decoration, and is a wonderful way to show off beautiful porcelain and add interest to any room. At Livingbox, we have stunning designer wall plates that are ideal for creating a focal point on a wall, or for adding to existing collections.

Synonymous with high quality and excellence, Versace tableware is the perfect collection from which to buy wall plates. As a brand they have a very distinctive and unique design on many of their products which are sure to add glamour and style to any room in which they are placed.

Each beautiful piece of porcelain brings together mythical and exotic imagery, with iconic Versace prints to create a contemporary design.

This special piece will bring refined glamour to any home, with baroque flourishes and accents of gold and lilac.

For more information about our wall plates or indeed any of our products, please contact the team at Livingbox.