Rosenthal Suomi White Tableware

Rosenthal Suomi White Tableware

A range of white tableware designed by Timo Sapaneva from Rosenthal.

The simple organic forms bear the hallmarks of the designers homeland; Suomi, Finland.

Suomi tableware by Rosenthal is more than just porcelain; this beautifully designed range is a work of art that will look perfectly at home at any table.

Designed by Finnish designer Timo Sarpaneva, the Suomi range was inspired by the smooth, rounded pebbles from the coast of Finland and it is this simplicity that makes this tableware a timeless favourite.

The classic white of the porcelain allows the focus to be on the combination of circular and angular shapes as well as the mixture of porcelain and metal.

If you want tableware that is both elegant and contemporary then Suomi is the range for you.

Browse our entire selection of Suomi tableware here and see for yourself just how stylish this range is.

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