Set up a Gift List

Set up a Gift List

Welcome to Livingbox Gift Lists.

Please complete the registration page below to set up your gift list.

Please contact us for assistance or further information.

  1. Your log in details will be sent to you via email.

  2. Please select the type of event you wish to create your Gift List for.

  3. This should be the date when the event takes place. If the event spans several days then this should be the date of the first day.

  4. The title of your event will be visible to people trying to buy gifts for. (e.g. "The Wedding of John and Joan" or "John Smith's 50th Birthday")

  5. The delivery address will be where your gifts will be dispatched once the Gift List has ended. But don't worry, we will confirm all details with you before we send anything out.

  6. We will not send any goods to this address, only information regarding your account with us.

  7. Please choose how you would prefer us to contact you. The other numbers you provide will be used if we repeatedly cannot reach you.

  8. Please choose how you would prefer to be addressed when we contact you.