Rosenthal Studio Line Papyrus White Tableware

Rosenthal Studio Line Papyrus White Tableware

Made partially in unglazed porcelain in order to emphasise the structures and surfaces, Papyrus is really unique.

Espresso Saucer 13cm
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Papyrus white is part of the Studio Line range of dinnerware by Rosenthal. The 13cm espresso saucer; a welcome addition to your home.

  • Designed by Vittorio Passaro
  • Product design award 2012
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Microwave Safe

The innovative design of this range originates simply from a piece of paper rolled around itself; the subtle yet effective texturing allows for an elegant style unlike anything else.

Papyrus has been made partially in unglazed porcelain, this emphasises the structure and surface of the tableware; thus forming something unique and eye-catching.

Papyrus white can be perfectly complimented by the Papyrus back range to create your own individual set.