Spring Fondue

Fondue Sets


A range of classic meat, fish and cheese fondue sets from Spring.

Let us know if you need any help making your choice!


Our Fondue range is comprised of a variety of styles from ‘Spring’ Swiss Cookware. If anyone knows how to Fondue - the Swiss do!

We have selected a range below to suit all budgets and requirements. Most of our sets are induction friendly making these sets perfect for group entertaining & meals.

The Fondue sets can be used for the following…

Tradition cheese sets – The perfect cheese dipping bowl! You will need to keep a constant temperature to keep your cheese melted, preventing it from solidifying again. These cheese fondues normally have a flat bottom and have a large opening to accommodate any dipping that may happen. Whether you are looking for melted cheese or even molten cheese we will have the right set for you.

Chocolate Fondue - Chocolate or other dessert pots are usually smaller than the typical fondue pots and you only need to use a tea light to keep your chocolate nice and melted.

Stews & Broth Sets - Broth fondue pots are pretty much the same as hot oil fondue pots.

Regardless of your choice for the type of set and its appearance, the fondue sets that we offer at Livingbox are all made of 1st class materials. You can choose from various brands of fondues available with pots made of ceramics, aluminium and stainless steel.

So, come and see what we have on offer in our wide range of products below! With every fondue set, you can bring the right atmosphere to the table.