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One of the leading designers, manufacturers and creators of innovative and stylish tableware, glassware and giftware ranges, Rosenthal boasts more than 125 years of experience in producing collections for both the traditional and modern home.

Established in the 1960s by Philip Rosenthal with designs intended to reflect contemporary culture, this high quality brand offers tableware collections from inspired designers Thomas, Medaillon and Loft, glassware ranges from Coco, Fuga and DiVino and giftware designed by Curve, Papyrus and Fast, at Livingbox there is an assortment of classical and contemporary styles to choose from.

Offering a sophisticated tradition of design, fast-paced innovative trends and expressive ideas in every style Rosenthal holds a strong foothold in the expressive staging of table and lifestyle settings taking inspiration from various continents and time periods.

The main attraction to the popular designer stands in the brand’s continuous development of and designs to ensure it meets the requirements of modern consumers while informing newer trends.

Whether avant-garde, Art Deco or of a period, each piece from Rosenthal is timelessly beautiful with many pieces having been described previously as modern works of art.

With the centralised theme of being ‘of our time’ and contemporary, no other company offers such a wide variation of versatile styles that Rosenthal which exists because of the brands partnership with a diverse range of designers from varied backgrounds and occupations.

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