Selecting tableware for dining can be one of the most important dining decisions you make when it comes to dining in your own home. Whether you are looking to register new tableware choices for a wedding list, wanting to replace your current dinner service or restocking after relocation your choices will come to define dining pieces that you are likely to be using for many years to come.

Here at Livingbox, tableware is more than just a practicality but an investment and one that should be timeless, complementing both the food and drink that you make and the personality of its owner.

Throughout the Livingbox website you will find many pieces produced by renowned designers including Rosenthal, Thomas, Versace and Vera Wang from the bold to the simplistic designs, in order to satisfy all tastes, budgets and functions so that you can find everything that your require in tableware pieces all in one place.

You will find, upon browsing that our pieces include but are not limited to dinner plates, serving platters, tea pots, cups and saucers and mugs for all occasions in a variety of styles. Should you prefer traditional pieces for everyday use or eye-catching bolder designs for special more luxurious occasions you are guaranteed to be find what you desire.

Make your meal times more enjoyable with beautiful aesthetic pieces that are guaranteed to last. Browse our comprehensive collection online, should you have any questions or not be able to find the plates, bowls or dining pieces that you want then please contact us or enquire online. We can advise on delivery times and availability.