Our guide to Perfect Food Preparation

Date Posted: 25/06/2018

Ever wondered why top chefs spend so much time on food presentation? The answer- because you eat with your eyes, long before anything passes your lips.

We've put some ideas together to help you serve up a feast for the eyes.

Quick and Easy rules to follow:

  • Less is More- never overload the plate.
  • Don't worry about creat a pattern or symmetry- just focus on keeping the plate neat.
  • Colours are everything- but not too much, just enough to create contrasts.
  • Use different sizes and testures within one dish.
  • Try to keep the outer rim of the dish free.
  • Think about serving sauces seperately, if you are insisting on liquid being one the plate, how about just adding a 'jus'?

For the more adventurous chefs amongst us:

  • How about serving your 'sides' in another piece of tableware on the place- for example dips or reductions served in a 'dip bowl' or fries served in a basket?
  • How about forgetting about using a plate altogether (although- don't do this all the time because we'll go out of business!). How about plating your steak and chips up on a chopping board?
  • If you are thinking about the food presentation on the entire table, how about adding height and dimension by using a footed cakestand to display some of your feast?

And if you want to take it to an even highly level, you need to consider purchasing the foolowing kitchen tools to help you with the intricacies of more detailed and complex food preparation:

  • Kitchen Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Knives
  • Food Brushes

We hope our simple guide helps you to create those feasts for the eyes!