DIY Afternoon Tea

Date Posted: 10/08/2018



Do you want to showcase your hosting skills this summer? We are sure the sun will soon have it’s hat on again, so why not do your own ‘Afternoon Tea’ at home!

Whether you want to go ‘all-out’ with your afternoon tea or keep fuss and budget to a minimum, we have got it covered!

Transport yourself to a matinee of tasty refreshments. Your table is your stage. Your Afternoon Tea is the show. Here are our top tips to making your afternoon a success.

‘Props you will need’

A tiered cake stand will always look impressive as a focal point on your table, but don’t worry if you haven’t got one lurking in a kitchen cupboard, some nice china or your best crockery will do.

Make it extra special: Add in some nice colourful napkins (not too many colours)

‘Create your stage’

If you have such things, why not dress the table with a tablecloth, and even put a bit of bunting up?

Make it extra special: If you have time, you could make some place names to add a personal touch. You could even think about getting some nice paper bags for your guests to take a slice of cake home (if there is any left!)

‘Pre-show refreshments’

Get as prepared as possible before your guests arrive. Decant milk into a creamer or jug and put with your sugar bowl on the table. Fruit and herbal teas are a popular choice at the moment so if you have some alternative teas stashed away now is the chance to use them!

Make it extra special: Who says you have to stop at tea? Why not add bubbles? Prosecco and Aperol Spritz are popular refreshing choices this summer. (For anyone wanting to know how to make an Aperol Spritz, I shall put a guide below)

‘The Stars of the Show’

Whether you are going to do savoury, sweet, scones, cakes, pastries etc etc the list goes on, make sure you keep it simple, don’t commit yourself to lots of different options. The classics are always the most popular and you don’t need the stress.

Make it extra special: If you have got a lot of time on your hands and fancy an extra challenge or are ‘Afternoon Tea-ing’ on a bigger budget, why not add macarons, biscuits or petits fours.

Our Afternoon Tea

We didn’t have masses of prep time, and we have catered for little fingers too, so our efforts are simple, yet colourful and fun. One carrot cake and choccy cornflake cakes for the babies (and me!). I made little name tags for the children too which they loved. I’ll list the tableware used below.

Now, fingers crossed for the sun to return so we can have plenty more ‘Afternoon Tea’ Occasions!


*Aperol Spritz Guide*

2 parts Aperol

3 parts Prosecco

1 part Soda Water

​Plenty of ice



Products featured:

Tea Pot- Medaillon White Tea Pot

Cake Stand- ONO Two tier cake stand

Coloured tea cup and saucers- Sunny Day

White Tea Cup and Saucers- Loft

Creamer and Sugar- Sunny Day

Side Plate- Medaillon White 17cm Plate

Little Cakes for Little People

Little Cakes for Little People

ONO Two Tier Cake Stand

ONO Two Tier Cake Stand

Sunny Day Fuchsia Tea Cup & Saucer

Sunny Day Fuchsia Tea Cup & Saucer

Thomas Loft Tea Cup & Saucer

Thomas Loft Tea Cup & Saucer