10 Tips on How to Keep Fresh Flowers 'Fresh'

Date Posted: 09/04/2018


We use flowers such a lot here at Livingbox, either to demonstrate our Vases, as props on a Tableware shoot, or more recently for blog post imagery. So I thought I'd share our Top 10 Tips on how we keep our Flowers Fresh (and they really do work!).


1 Cut 1-2 inches from the stems, and cut at an angle to allow water to reach more surface area.

2 If you want to mix flowers, check which flowers are compatible with others. For instance, Daffodils should never be mixed as they give off a gas which kills other flowers.

3 Remove lower leaves from stem, they most probably won't be seen and end up clogging up the water.

4 When filling the vase, don't use really cold water. A mix of lukewarm and cold water should create a perfect room temperature environment for the stems.

5 Add a pinch of sugar to act as a feed. If your flowers come with a pre-prepared feed- use this first and add sugar at a later stage.

6 If you have some in your cupboard, add a dash of white vinegar- this prevents bacterial growth.

7 Space your flowers evenly in the vase.

8 Try to aim for a cool environment for your flowers, out of direct sunlight and a draft.

9 Change the water in the vase every other day, cut the stems a little each time, and don't forget to re-add your sugar and white vinegar.

10 As the days pass, remove any dying flowers as these may release a gas that can age other flowers.


Enjoy your flowers! Browse Livingbox for Vases and use code VASE10 for an extra 10% OFF on Vases during April.


Photos below feature the Rosenthal Paper Bag



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