Thomas Kitchen by Thomas Tableware

Kitchen by Thomas

Design for function! The new Thomas Series, “Kitchen by Thomas” promises a whole lot of fun, design and function for the kitchen and because we spend so much time in the kitchen – not just eating, but also preparing meals – Thomas is now brightening up the most important room in the home with functional and high-quality products.

As usual Thomas is delightfully uncomplicated and practical.

The new range centres around cooking and the kitchen, taking in all three essential kitchen themes: preparation, enjoyment and storage. The timeless, sleek design of these products is combined with a vibrant mix of materials. Each material – whether porcelain, wood, glass, metal or silicone – demonstrates its individual strengths in functionality and aesthetic. The green and grey colours make a statement and successfully

Attractive, functional, high-quality – the extensive and homogenous Thomas kitchen series: once again, Thomas is helping to make everyday life a little more beautiful!

Outstanding quality, classic designs and time honoured style is boasted by the Arthur Price Kings range of cutlery, with sets and individual pieces which will be set to impress.

A direct descendant of a much older pattern referred to as the Fiddle Thread and Shell, an eye-catching Georgian pattern which first appeared during the nineteenth century, the pattern present on this range of Kings cutlery is still hugely popular today.

Ideal when entertaining our complete sets of 18/10 stainless steel cutlery can cater for any number of people from six to twelve and offers highly durable pieces including table knives, spoons and forks as well as soup spoons, tea spoons and serving spoons in a wooden cabinet with a mahogany finish. This makes them perfect as a gift for relatives or as an investment for your household offering pieces with a lifetime of everyday use.

Pieces of Arthur Price Kings cutlery can also be bought individually where customers wish to add to existing dinner service sets or for replacement.

Designed and manufactured to exacting standards, quality and specifications, the mirror finish of the Kings Cutlery range offer classic, sophisticated patterns which boast versatility and excellent value for money.

Browse our full range, if you are unable to locate specific pieces from this range or any other range on our website, please do not hesitate to contact the Livingbox team who will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have and offer guidance on any of your purchases.