Repeat Repeat effectively design and manufacture all types of things. They create beautifully stylish mugs and tableware, mainly from bone china pottery and they even create products for the Enfant Collection of nurseryware.

Repeat Repeat's design style is Contemporary but they do utilise traditional techniques to keep them alive in this technology driven world. They utilise English craftsmanship and standard dating back many years.

Repeat Repeat began trading back in 1984, they took on commissions for all sorts of illustrations, graphics and textile designs. Working in Stoke on Trent, with its heritage and four hundred year old heritage they started creating ideas in bone china.

They watched their designs flourish in their local factory and they transformed their ideas right through to the finished product.

Repeat Repeat pays homage to the many textile patterns that were designed in their early days.

Their real names are Mark Faulkner and Gillian Naylor and they are determined to keep flying the flag and keep the English traditions alive for as long and possible.

Here at Living Box we are stockists of the Repeat Repeat brand of products.